Not the greatest start to the week at Manchester airport.  Despite checking in online the previous evening I discovered that American Airlines still require anyone who is travelling anywhere with them to join this queue.  Almost 2 hours later I hadn’t even got rid of my suitcase and was left with ten minutes to clear security and leg it to the gate.  No time for a coffee, a loo stop – nothing!  Altogether too stressful!



Things are looking up – new facilities this year for the media.






From my indoor office to my outdoor one and my two broadcasting positions for the week:-

The 4th hole – Flowering Crab Apple

The 11th hole – White Dogwood

The 12th – Golden Bell, the heart of Amen Corner.

Stalking the players – all in the name of research!

Jason Day

Rory McIlroy and Toto Gana, the Latin America Amateur Champion from Chile









Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm try their hand at skipping the ball across the water on 16th – a Masters tradition.

And look who you bump into!

Team Rory:  Michael Bannon, coach and Gerry McIlroy, Dad.

The Par 3 course is immaculately prepared for the Wednesday afternoon competition.  Alas, this year huge thunderstorms meant it was abandoned.

Remember Danny Willett won last year?  He learned about Jordan Spieth’s meltdown on the 12th as he was walking to the 16th tee and he also learned he had assumed the lead for the first time.  He ran to the loo at the back of the tee to compose himself and deliver the pep talk that saw him stride to victory.

Danny’s loo behind the 16th tee.

I was working for Westwood One Sports while at Augusta, the radio arm of CBS television.  This was my second year with this crew and they are just fantastic.  This is the team at a production meeting on the Wednesday, ironing out the finer details before Thursday’s first round.  The majors aren’t just majors for the players, you know.

And now for the accomplishment of the week – step (or swim) forward Mr Turtle!

Aside from players and caddies the only other living thing inside the rope line – the turtle!

This is where my pictorial diary of the 2017 Masters comes to a close – and yes, it finishes on the Wednesday because there is a very strict no camera policy on the course after the practice days.  Even working media are forbidden from carrying phones on any day when outside the Press Building and colleagues have had their credentials revoked for leaving said building – even when the phone was switched off and in their pocket.  So, I leave you with one final picture.  This man has contravened one of Augusta National’s most sacred rules.  Take a good look at him – it’s unlikely you’ll see him in 2018!

Oh oh!