Portstewart’s two MMs

Warning:  this is not an ad as such but an invitation to those of you living in the Portstewart area to visit a local hostelry called The Mermaid this evening (Friday) where Michael Moss, the retiring (but far from shy) general manager of Portstewart Golf Club (about-to-be-home of the Irish Open, Rory McIlroy and all) will buy you a drink.  At least, that’s what I think he really meant.

This is the less-than-modest, stop press release that he sent us late last night and because he insists on doing all his own editing, punctuation and promoting, it is unexpurgated (apart from the odd apostrophe).  Apologies, in advance, if deemed necessary.

“Today at Portstewart in the local alliance the former General Manager [his caps] of Portstewart Golf Club swept the field with a magnificent 39 pts.  Moss when interviewed made light of the responsibilities of his daughter’s impending wedding [Does his wife Sandra know? ed] and the upcoming Irish Open (of which he is Tournament Director in case you didn’t know) [Does Rory know what he’s doing? ed.]

“The modest Moss said ‘I thrive in these sort of situations and when you’ve gotta finish the Strand Course 2, 4, 4, 4 then it’s great to know I’ve the tools to close it out.’ [Tools nearly as decrepit as the man himself when last seen.]  Moss can be found in the Mermaid tomorrow night [Fri] for those of you who would like to shake his hand and buy the champion a drink.”

Just in case, take some money with you.

Well done, Michael.  See you in May.