My deepest sympathies to those of you who have been travelling this past week through UK airports.  Said airports are only now righting themselves after the universal failure of all e-gates at passport controls up and down the country.  Apparently the face recognition software required to admit an individual through the automatic barriers was on the blink/overloaded/whatever – but its failure caused massive delays all round the land.

Strangely, it put me in mind of twins and golfing twins at that.  Back in my day we had Sam and Jo Head competing on the Ladies’ European tour and I always found them tricky to tell apart – from a distance, that is.  Their swings seemed to me to be similar and if they weren’t standing side by side I struggled to know which was which.  As I got to know them better I realised their eyes were a slightly different colour but that meant to identify them I had to get up close and personal – and stare directly at them.  It was slightly weird behaviour, I have to confess but they put up with it with tremendous good humour.  And then, at least, I knew Sam from Jo and vice versa!

Which all brings me to a bit of info I acquired when out at Augusta last month.  Apparently, the talented Hojgaard twins from Denmark, Rasmus and Nicolai, are so alike that face recognition allows them to open each others’ phones!  Just imagine the high jinx you could get up to if you had THAT particular superpower.  You certainly wouldn’t want to fall out with your identical twin, would you?

Nicolai…or is it? []

Rasmus….or…not? [+EV OHIO]






















I see Brooks Koepka has recorded his first win as a father, scooping the $4 million individual first prize in Singapore on the LIV tour.  He’s the first player to win four times on that tour but that’s the only decent showing of 2024 so far – just in time for the defence of his PGA title next week at Valhalla.  I had him as one of my picks for Augusta but he performed poorly, finishing down near the bottom of those who made the cut.

That seemed to give him the proverbial kick in the pants because he said he realised he wasn’t working hard enough and has since redoubled his efforts on the practice ground and with his coach Claude Harmon 111.  A cheque for four million must be a nice validation of your re-dedication.

Koepka, of course is the ultimate defender of his major titles, having won consecutive US Opens in 2017 and 2018 and consecutive PGA Championships and Wannamaker Trophies (top pic) in 2018 and 2019.  With him seemingly rounding into form perhaps it isn’t wise to bet against a successful defence at Valhalla.

Brooks on his way to winning last year’s PGA – his fifth major.

Alas, I have to report that events at the next major will only be viewed by me from my sofa.  The last three weeks have consisted of a stream of treatments on my neck (absolutely vile), endless days of “rest,” (boring as unable to do anything except lie down trying to find a comfortable position, which proved impossible) and the cancellation of virtually everything in the diary.  I refused to cancel out a couple of days away last week for our anniversary but perhaps it wasn’t my wisest decision.  Anyway, time has beaten me and I won’t be on Monday’s flight out to Louisville, Kentucky.

My last visit to Louisville was for the Ryder Cup in 2008 and despite Nick Faldo expertly captaining the Europeans to defeat it was a great week – particularly off the golf course.  The town was absolutely jumping with fan zones and the welcome for all the European supporters was second to none.  They know how to host a big sporting event (think annual Kentucky Derby) and the party vibe is strong.  I’m sorry to miss it.

During that Ryder Cup week the PGA of America made a special presentation to Patricia, recognising the wonderful journalistic achievements of her husband who had died three months previously.  It was a huge honour and bittersweet at the time, of course, but it’s now become a lovely memory for us both – another reason I will miss being in Kentucky.

The last time the PGA was played at Valhalla was in 2014 when Rory won his fourth and most recent major.  It all seems so long ago and many of us have agonised alongside him through so many subsequent majors, awaiting the fifth win.

Rory with a major championship trophy.  A sight for sore eyes -and one we need to see again soon. [Sky Sports Golf]

Perhaps my absence might just change his luck?  I doubt it – but if it did that would certainly help ease my disappointment at not spending the week commentating on the tournament with my brilliant colleagues from Sirius XM.

Happy viewing.