There’s nothing like a slow and wilful internet connection to test to the limits a blogger’s resolution to connect with her inner Buddhist.  At the moment, the laptop is still intact and has yet to be flung to the floor or, potentially more satisfying, hurled from a first-floor window but it’s been a damned close-run thing. With a bit of luck, we’ll plough on through the technical hitches and one of the good things is that regular readers realise that, more often than not, our photos – well, okay, let’s be honest, my photos – smack of desperation.  Look on my works ye mighty and despair…..

Hear it’s snowing at home, so here’s a homely pic of gym and swimming gear drying in the sun…

Heaven help me, I’m surrounded by gym rats at the moment, so we’ve all signed up to the wee gym round the corner – well, off peak came to less than 30 quid each -and traipsed off on Wednesday for our first session.  Guess who was home first?  In my defence, we’re playing golf at Erinvale tomorrow (Thursday, so that’ll be yesterday for most of you) and I didn’t want to overdo things.  Not that any of my muscles are finely honed – or even recognisable as muscles – but playing with three professionals is a bit daunting and I’m hoping not to be plagued with anxiety dreams tonight (Wed).

You know the sort of thing:  can’t find the course; can’t find your shoes; can’t find your clubs; take the wrong way to the 1st tee; can’t get the club back; that sort of thing.  Sounds very like real life to me.

Practising for the big day at Erinvale. Sadly, the picture tells the whole story [Brian Mackie]

One of the professionals, ever confident, in training for the big day.

I’ve never been to South Africa before, which, given the amount of golf played here over the years and the fabulous courses that have bred some of the world’s best players, is a bit of a gap.  We’ve unpacked the clubs but that’s about it so far because this is not a golfing trip per se.  We’re fitting in a few rounds between vineyards, Garden Route, safari, lounging by the pool, trekking up Table Mountain, reading, eating, drinking and, I suppose, going to the gym.

There’ll also be shopping of course but my co-blogger labours under the delusion that there’s a clue in the name and that we should concentrate on the golf.  Not for the first time, I disagree, especially when we haven’t even seen a golf course yet and the television connection has a mind of its own.

Must get it sorted for the Six Nations – or, more likely, find a bar that’ll be showing the rugby.  Shouldn’t be too hard in this neck of the woods.  Come on Ireland.  Shoulder to shoulder.  Fingers crossed.

Oh, and Happy Birthday today (Fri) Mo.  Slainte.

Spot the teetotaller. Testing out the local produce.