This Monday coming, Maureen was due to be heading off to the US Open at Erin Hills but she’s been having trouble with her skin – that’s a lot of an understatement, I’d have had the screaming abdabs long ago if it had been me – and realised she had to give up the unequal struggle and pull out.  Long, long days in the hot sun, coping with equipment, notes, concentrating on the golf and the bon mot, wouldn’t work if all you want to do is rip your skin off and dive into a soothing bath of olive oil.

It’s a pity because she loves the work and it suits her down to the ground – we’ve always been a garrulous lot but Mo doesn’t just gab and waffle, she knows what she’s talking about.  At least one of her listeners will be disappointed too:  Marty Kaufmann, the travel editor of the ever-informative Golfweek, based in Orlando, Florida, also writes the media column and he’s a fan, as the piece below shows.  Thanks to him and Golfweek for the kind words.

[Dad didn’t approve of praise and detested anyone who blew their own trumpet but my blog partner deserves a boost and this is it, courtesy of Marty.]