You know the way that musical people will tell you that everyone can sing?  Well, just ask my friends and they will wholeheartedly tell you that that is not true, not by a long chalk.  There are a (favoured?) few to whom I lift the phone on their birthdays and I belt out my best rendition, ignoring their pleas to cease immediately.  Well, today is’s first birthday, but do not fear, I am not going to subject your ears to what Dad used to call my caterwauling.

The last person I sang down the phone to was Mary McKenna MBE, one of Ireland’s greatest golfers and ambassadors, but more importantly one of the world’s great people.  So, it is very apt that it is at her kitchen table that I sit writing this post.  Her home is full of golfing memorabilia, awards and photographs documenting an incredible career of several decades during which she pretty much hoovered up anything worth winning in the women’s amateur game.  Jostling alongside this golfing treasure trove is evidence of her love of photography – no wonder we appointed her as honorary snapper to the blog although, come to think of it, I’m not quite sure she ever really did accept the position.

Who needs wallpaper?

So, here we are, one year in and no-one more surprised than me that we have made it this far.  For one thing, I only expected a dozen or so people to be interested in our posts.  Not so – several hundred of you seem to have nothing better to do with your time each week than log in to the ramblings of a couple of mad Irish women golfers.  And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I was dead against doing this blog for lots of reasons.  Patricia had been on at me for ages thinking it was a good idea and could be great fun.  “We’re not going to be a news or results service,” she said.  “We can write about whatever we like, talk to interesting people and be opinionated about all things golf – you know, stuff we do all the time anyway.”  Hmmm!

But, how right she has been!  Once I got my head round the fact that she seldom starts her contribution for the 7.00am Friday deadline until after 10.00pm on the Thursday evening I found out I was, indeed, having a grand time.  So – my own personal highlights?   Spending a day with the delightful Martin Ebert at Portrush as he generously gave of his time to outline his plans for the two new holes which will reintroduce the Dunluce course to the Open Championship rota after a gap of 68 years;

The Master Plan. The holes are better in real life!

The delightful Martin Ebert, master designer.








being able to share walking inside the ropes at the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine and seeing up close and personal the raw emotion between Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy in the top singles and then being able to talk to them both afterwards;

Patrick Reed, the victor in an epic battle.

Rory McIlroy, Ryder Cup not “just an exhibition”!












and, most surprisingly, the tips!  Ah, the tips!  I’m on a mission to make them easy as can be.  I have read and watched golf instruction for a long, long time and at least 50% of the time there is a secondary meaning that can be taken out of the information that is the polar opposite of what is intended.  My goal is to help make your life on the course easier and therefore, more enjoyable.

A year has whizzed by reconnecting with lots of people in this greatest of sports.  Well done, Patricia, for being persistent, well done to you guys for reading our offerings and happy first birthday to!