You know those times when things are getting on top of you and you’re floundering to keep a vague semblance of control over things?   No?  Ah, an organised bod who not only writes lists but looks at them and works their way methodically from top to bottom, ignoring all twists and turns and refusing to dive down rabbit holes.  Not someone like me who is easily distracted, leaves her home insurance, car insurance and tax return to the very last minute, then has conniptions – not in the same league as a panic attack but uncomfortable enough – and fantasises about selling the house and disposing of every last possession.  Mmmm, maybe not a good idea at this time of year for those of us who are lucky enough to have got used to central heating and hot water on demand.

I was oddly cheered by someone on the radio saying that it was a fallacy to think that we were in control of our lives at any time and at the moment there are any number of places where everything seems to be running out of control, be it a coup, a tsunami, an impending invasion, a party, a trial, an illness, whatever.

Checking in most evenings for 1-2-3 Move with Esther (Gokhale, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back; in an effort to improve my posture and get the old bones in to some sort of order, I’m a fan of this carpenter from Burkina Faso and couldn’t help wondering how he’s getting on after the coup.  A few years ago he persuaded Esther to take his photo and he’s a lovely example of how working at a low table in front of you is no excuse for hunching and rounding your shoulders and poking your neck out of line!  Ah well, we can all dream of at least some improvement.

No need to hunch or slouch; we can do better.

I’m trying to incorporate some Gokhale principles in to my golf swing – well the set-up and stance anyway – but it’s hard to break the habits of nearly a lifetime.  At least it’ll give me something to think about and work on for the rest of my golfing life.

One of the rabbit holes I scuttled down recently was trying to find out why Adrian Meronk of Poland withdrew from the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship after three rounds, when he was a more than respectable four under par.  I couldn’t find an explanation anywhere on (it’s now the DP World Tour but the website has yet to be rebranded) so I looked up Adrian’s Twitter and there was nothing there, though there was an email address for his management group.

I sent an email (think I was putting off deciding on my new car insurer) but had no reply, then noticed that my mention of his eagle three at the last hole was a complete nonsense – that was from last year, in Dubai, a completely different tournament; DUH.  Nearly as annoying as Facebook bringing up stuff from years ago and me thinking it’s something recent…

Well, what is current is that Adrian did withdraw but he’s back on the course this week at the Dubai Desert Classic and seems to be ok.  Meanwhile, I’m older, chastened but still none the wiser…

Adrian Meronk, of Poland. He’s very tall and hits the ball a long way.  The pic is from and is presumably by Getty Images.  Think he’s still sponsored by Ping, fingers crossed.

Not having made any new year resolutions I thought I should get out my Renew You Journal, which I’ve had since October, when I went on a lovely one-day course with Jane Woods ( near Bath.  There were four of us and I think Jane sent all of us away with, as it says in the book, “renewed vigour and energy to make positive and lasting change in your life, a renewed you…”

By my calculations, it’s 17 weeks since my trip to Bath and the exercise this week is to “Try to look at something in your life from a different perspective this week.”  So I skipped to week 36 where the recommendation is to start laughing and smiling, even though I didn’t much feel like doing either.  According to the book, “Laughter can help to relieve stress and has been shown to improve our immune system.  Laughing has been described as like giving your innards a workout; massaging our inner organs….When we can laugh at something, we change our perspective and our attitude.”

Apparently small children smile about 400 times a day and we adults manage only about 14 smiles…Serious and all as life is that doesn’t sound good.  Let’s all make an effort to smile harder.  Thinking about it, my golf’s quite good for a laugh right now, new clubs notwithstanding.

Maureen gave me a present that makes me smile – it’s a picture and I’m having fun deciding how to frame it and where to hang it.  It’s by a woman called Judith Clara ( who specialises in one-line drawings and it’s fascinating to try to work out exactly how she does it, where does she start?  Something to ponder over a glass of red.

Wonderful what you can do with one line…

One of the pieces we’re learning at singing (there’ll be no one who knows me who won’t be laughing at the very thought and clutching their ears in horror) is “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.  Words and music by Bobby McFerrin, arranged by the prolific Audrey Snyder.  I love it but it’s very tricky and there’s no way in the world that I can sing it.

The second part, for the growlers like me, is all doo doo doo doos, pretty well ad infinitum and I woke up the other morning thinking about it – and realising that I could be doo doo doo dooing without success from now until doo doo doo Doomsday…

At least that made me laugh.