Normal, what’s normal?  Who knows anymore?  With no golf being played now, professional or amateur, I suggested to Patricia that maybe we should suspend the blog for a while.  After all, the clue is in the title – – and there’s nae golf around here at the moment.  Not that the “golf” element of our weekly offerings has ever weighed too heavily on Patricia’s mind before.  For those of you who are faithful (deluded?) followers, you will be well aware that other activities in her life frequently supersede any mention of the Royal and Ancient game.

While I was thinking along these lines a plea came from a dear friend to “please continue the blog, I need my 7am email from you, never fails to inform, entertain or make me laugh, usually all three”.  This was closely followed by an edict from another pal, a former fellow tour player.  True to form it was short and to the point:  “Increase your blog to twice a week to keep us golfers sane.”  Well, we’ve no intention of inflicting twice the pain on you but we’ll stagger on for a while and hopefully supply a bit of entertainment.

Earlier today I was just finishing up a bit of gardening (a phrase I never thought I’d ever, ever write!) when a delivery man ambled up the driveway.  Tucked under his arm was my parcel of a golf net, which I’d ordered a mere 24 hours before, the idea having been put in my head by one of my pupils whose lesson I had had to cancel.  Liz was ordering one for her garden and it occurred to me that that was a really good idea.  My DPD delivery guy said he’d delivered several that morning alone.  Perhaps by next week it’ll have made it out of the box and have been erected.  We are not strong on DIY skills in this household, so we shall see!

Gardening AND a self-assembly piece of kit! New challenges can be good for us!

Next up is a swing tip, filmed quite a few weeks ago, designed to help you add a bit more power to your shots.  I realise you can’t get out on the course to try it out but have a few daily swings in the garden with this set-up.  We all know the slightest change can feel just huge so those swings in the garden will help the feeling become more familiar.  Then, once our courses are open again, you’ll be good to go.  There is rather an abrupt finish to this video – can’t remember why, but do give the tip a try.

Stay safe and keep swinging.